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Carematch Website Terms of Use

We, Staffordshire County Council, of County Buildings, Martin Street, Stafford, operate this website, which is comprised of the web pages at www.carematch.org.uk and the information which they contain.

When you use this website, irrespective of how you access it, you agree with us to be bound by these terms of use.

These terms of use also include our Privacy Policy, which you can find here.

Some other areas of the site may contain terms and conditions which may supplement or modify these terms of use. If this is the case, we will indicate what those terms are and how they supplement or modify these terms of use.

If you have registered to receive updates or other information from us (by email, text message or another form of communication) using this website, these terms of use apply to our supply and your use of those updates or other information.

We may occasionally change these terms of use, and it is your responsibility to check this page to see if there have been any changes.

If you do not agree with these terms of use you must stop using this website, and unsubscribe to all of the updates and other information for which you have registered to receive.

Your use of material on this website

The intellectual property rights in this website and the material which is on it are owned by us or by our licensors. For the avoidance of doubt, if you submit material to this website it does not become our intellectual property, but our rights in relation to it are set out elsewhere in these terms of use.

You may copy and print extracts of the material on this website, but you may do this only for your personal and non-commercial use. However different terms and conditions (which are set out below) apply to your use of CVs (if you are an employer or prospective employer).

You must not use, post, or upload extracts of this website on to or on any other website.


You may need to register with us if you want to benefit from some of the facilities and services which this website may offer, including if you want to:

  • register as a prospective employer
  • register as a direct payment employer
  • register as a candidate
  • make a posting to this website.

If you are required to register, then we will indicate this at an appropriate place on this website, and you may be required to supply us with your email address, a password and other information which we will specify at the time you register. Each person who has registered with us is in these terms a "registered user."

Any personal information which you supply to us when you register we will hold, use and process in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which you can find here.

If you register with us:

  • you must use a valid email address (that is to say one that we can use to contact you)
  • you must not let anyone else use your email address and password to access your account with us (and if you think that this has happened or may happen you must tell us straight away)
  • you must keep your password confidential
  • you must not impersonate or try to pass yourself off as someone else, or provide us with incorrect personal information about yourself
  • you must not create multiple registrations or log-ins unless this website requires you to, and
  • you must choose a user name which complies with the Community Rules and Standards set out below.


This website permits individuals to upload their CVs to it, for viewing by potential employers.

If you submit your CV:

  • we will treat your CV in line with our Privacy Policy, which can be found here
  • although as part of our terms of use we require prospective employers to agree to keep your CV confidential and only view it for the purposes of considering you for a position (see below), we do not guarantee or undertake that they will keep it confidential and we will not be liable to you if they do not keep it confidential
  • you must ensure that the information which your CV contains is accurate and up to date, so that prospective employers can properly evaluate your skills and experience
  • it must not contain anything which is obscene, libellous, defamatory, offensive, derogatory, profane, threatening, harassing, abusive or illegal, or encourages or promotes any activity which is any of these things, or is intended to upset others or cause offence, or is otherwise inappropriate.

If you are a prospective employer and you wish to review a CV, then you may do so only so that you can consider the candidate for vacancies which you have loaded or advertised on the website, and you must keep the CV and the information which it contains confidential.

Carematch Services

An important part of this website is the facility which it offers to permit employers to view CVs of candidates for vacancies which employers have submitted. Please note however that if you are a prospective employer it is you who are responsible for the selection of staff based on your viewing of these CVs. We do not assume any liability for the contents of any CVs or the suitability of any candidates for any position.

If you are an employer or a prospective employer (including direct payment employers), then the terms on the page 'advertise my vacancy' (which can be found here) apply additionally as part of these terms of use.

For the avoidance of doubt only vacancies for positions in the Social Care and Health sector in Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent may be advertised on the website, and these vacancies may only be posted by prospective employers (and not, for example, recruitment agents). Postings

In these terms of use, to "make a posting" to this website means when you supply to this website (including by means of an upload or another form of online submission) any material (which includes text, artwork, drawings, graphics, photography, or video, and the "posting" is the material itself. Making a posting however excludes:

  • the information you supply when you register with us
  • your CV when you (if you are a candidate) supply it using the relevant facilities on this website
  • details of vacancies which you (if you are a prospective employer) submit to the website

If you make a posting to this website, then, in doing so, you:

  • grant to us a non-exclusive license to use the posting in any way that we choose (including editing it, modifying it, and republishing it in any format), and
  • confirm that the posting is your original work, is not defamatory, does not break any law, and you have obtained all of the rights and permissions which are needed for you to grant us these rights to the material.

If you do not want to grant us these rights, you must not make any postings to this website.

We strongly advise you not to make a posting to this website (as opposed to submitting your CV) which reveals personal information (such as your full name, telephone number, home address or email address) about yourself or someone else.

When you make a posting to this website you must comply with our Community Rules and Standards, which are set out below.

Community Rules and Standards

You must not make any posting to this website which is:

  • obscene, libellous, defamatory, offensive, derogatory, profane, threatening, harassing, abusive or illegal, or encourages or promotes any activity which is any of these things
  • intended to upset others or cause offence, or is otherwise inappropriate.

You must ensure that any postings which you make (for example to any discussion forums which this website contains) are polite, civil, and respectful of other users.

You must not make any posting to this website which:

  • contains or includes any advertisements or promotions
  • you know may contain a virus or malicious software.


If you breach or otherwise do not comply with these terms of use and you are either registering or a registered user, we will be entitled to terminate your registration and refuse you access to all of the areas of this website for which registration is required. We are not obliged to notify you if we do this.

We are permitted to remove any posting which in our opinion does not comply with these terms of use, including the Community Rules and Standards.

We are permitted to remove or edit any posting which has been made at any time.

Disclaimers and Limits of Liability

We are not responsible for the content of advertisements where they appear on this website.

We are not responsible for any websites which you access from links to them on this website, and the appearance on this website of any link to another website does not amount to an endorsement by us of that website or its content.

To the extent permitted by law, we do not accept any responsibility or liability for the content of any material which is supplied to or posted on to this website by:

  • registered users
  • candidates
  • employers and prospective employers (including direct payment employers)

You will not rely on any statements or content which is contained in this website.

We exclude, to the extent that the law permits, all representations, warranties and undertakings, whether express or implied, in relation to this website which is provided "as is". For the avoidance of doubt we do not give any warranties, representations or undertakings that this website and its content will be available and/or uninterrupted, will be up to date, will be accurate, will not contain defects errors or omissions, or will be compatible with your browser or other software.

Although we do try to ensure that our computer systems remain free of viruses and other malicious software, we do not give any warranties, representations or undertakings that this website will be free of or subject to attack by viruses or other malicious software. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to install software on your computer system which will protect against such viruses and malicious software.

We do not limit our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence. Subject to this, we exclude all liability for the following losses and damage (whether known, foreseen, foreseeable or otherwise): loss of data, loss of business, loss of revenue, loss of profit, loss of goodwill, loss arising by reason of injury to reputation, indirect loss and damage, and consequential loss and damage.

If you are a prospective employer, you have registered and you purchase credits from us, then subject to the other provisions of this section "Disclaimers and Limits of Liability" our liability to you will be to refund to you the amounts you have paid for the credits which you have purchased.

For the avoidance of doubt we only provide through this website an online environment where candidates may upload CVs for prospective employers to view, and prospective employers may advertise vacancies. We do not operate as an agent of either candidates or those engaging or wishing to engage staff. It is for candidates to satisfy themselves that a job is suitable for them, and it is for those engaging staff to satisfy themselves that the candidate is suitable for them. We have no responsibility or liability in connection with either any contracts which candidates and those who engage them enter into or any pre-contract discussions including interviews and correspondence.


If any of these terms of use are judged to be illegal or unenforceable, the continuation in full force and effect of the rest of them will not be affected.


No waiver or forbearance by us (whether express or implied) in enforcing any of our rights arising under these terms will prejudice our rights to do so in the future.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms of use are subject to the laws of England and Wales, the courts of which will have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes which arise in connection with this website including your use of it.