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Managers Quality Networking Forum - 1st March 2017

01 March 2017

Managers Quality Networking Forum - 1st March 2017

Venue: Staffordshire County Show Ground

Time: 09:00am – 16:00pm (08:30 open for registration)

free event providing social care professionals, managers, owners, nurses etc a forum to gain updates on the latest social care issues and networking opportunities with likeminded peers and service related opportunities.

Visual minute Taker - Simon Chubb - Scartoons

Speakers Already Confirmed:

  • Staffordshire County Council – Director for Health & Social Care
  • CQC - New Models of Care by Dr Zoe Fyffe - Strategy Manager
  • National Care Forum - Vic Rayner - Care Key Cards
  • Sheila McMahon Counsellor - Mental Well Being
  • Safeguarding Adult Board - Lessons Learnt from Adult Safeguarding Reviews

Standholders Already Confirmed:

CareMatch, The Rowan Organisation, NCPC, Sticky People Limited, Infection Prevention, Clini Supplies, 
ACCTV, Acacia Training, Autumn Care, Independent Living, Every life technologies, CliniMed, Biodose, 
Vitalize, Care Choices, Eye Way Signs, Adoption& Fostering, Easy Link UK, Wellbeing, Abbott,
 Research & Development - NHS, FRM Consultancy, Staffordshire Wills, CareForge & CareDocs, Options Group,
 Ability Aware, Bright Shadow, CSU, Royal College of Nursing, Community Dietitian, Speech & Language, SCILS, 
Medequip, Pivotell,  Mind Management - Mental Health, South Staffs Network for Mental Health, Sticky People 

AM Workshops

1)       Royal College of Nursing - Lawyer Felicity Crockford - FULLY BOOKED
Duty of Candour Regulation 20

2)       Elizabeth Burgess Havard (RGN) - Clinical Trainer & Nurse Prescriber
Good Catheter Care

3)       Neil Eastwood (Founder of Sticky People) FULLY BOOKED
Recruitment & Retention Solutions

4)       Claire Henry, Chief Executive and Anita Hayes, Quality Improvement Lead - The National Council for Palliative Care FULLY BOOKED
Living and Dying In Our Community - What Can We Do Together?

PM Workshops

5)        CQC - Dr Zoe Fyffe - FULLY BOOKED
Registered Managers Consultation on New Models of Care with Dr Zoe Fyffe (For Owners and Registered Managers Only)

6)        Katy Hirst - Director of Bright Shadow FULLY BOOKED
Making Life Zesty through Creative Activities

7)        Dementia Workshop by Association for Dementia Studies
Worcester University

8)        Tracy Broadley-Jackson (SSOTP)
Understanding the role of the Speech & Language therapist in care homes 


To reserve your FREE place at the conference please complete the application form, For a copy of the application call 01785 355795 or e-mail us at

Download: APPLICATION Form MQNF 1st March 2017.doc (61k)